How to Potty Train Your Baby -Dad Humor

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Dads Offer Advice

As we enter into the life of parenting, we face many challenges. Potty training is one of the mile stones in your journey as a parent. Even though, potty training is a serious event, it is good to take a break and see the humor in it all. The Dadlab video about potty training does just that—sees the humor in potty training.

Among all the humor, the dads, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad offer advice to other dads and moms on how to potty train children. They go over some of the different types of potty seats and humorous ways to clean up the accidents that happen during the potty training process. All in all when you have had a full day of potty training exercise, kick back and watch this video and LOL.  😉

Check out this great resource for potty training tips.


P.S. What do you find humorous about potty training? Share with us something funny that happened while you were on potty training duty…

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Updated 2023.

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