How to Potty Train a Child with Autism

Is Potty Training an Autistic Child Difficult?

Potty training your child can be a frustrating and difficult time for parents. When you reach your goal of your child being “potty independent,” it can be one of the most rewarding time periods for you as a parent as your child grows and achieves his developmental milestones. For a parent with a child who has autism, the potty training period can be an even more stressful as a child with autism presents challenges.  For a parent with an autistic child, how to potty train a child with autism can be daunting.  But with the proper knowledge and preparedness, it can be done. (The following information is to not meant diagnose or treat. The information provided should not take the place for consultation with a qualified healthcare professional.)

What is Autism?

According to, autism is a spectrum disorder. A spectrum disorder is a cognitive disorder characterized, in varying degrees, with difficulties in  verbal and nonverbal communication and may have  repetitive behaviors. It also includes difficulty in interacting with others in a social setting. Since successful potty training depends greatly on communication and interaction with the parties involved, the parent and child, if your child has autism, it may be more difficult to connect with each other about the goal of potty learning.

Can your autistic child be potty trained?

This is not to say that your child with autism can not be potty trained. They can be potty trained using the same techniques practiced with a child without autism. It just takes more patience and structured consistency. In this video made by the AEIOU foundation, the techniques for potty training a child with autism are covered. The need for consistency for all parties involved is emphasized. The same steps  to successful potty training that include timing, proper equipment and reward incentives used with children without autism are used for children with autism.

Reach Out for Support

Make sure you reach out to organizations or healthcare professionals that are knowledgeable about  autism disorder.  There are many parental support groups and non-profit organizations that exist to help parents through child-rearing and caring for an autistic child.

Please watch the video above created by the AEIOU Foundation

Visit their website.  The AEIOU foundation is based in Australia. The Foundation is a great resource for parents who have children with autism. The Foundation offers therapy and care for children with autism from 2-6 years of age. If you do not live in Australia, you can still find excellent information on their website  and they encourage you to contact them through email for additional information about autism. Please visit their website for more information –

Remember, having a child with autism has its many challenges. You as a parent with an autistic child, are not alone.

You Can Be Successful

You can find support if you connect with others on a similar journey. Your child can progress through the child developmental milestones such as potty training. You can know how to potty train a child with autism. It may take more time, but your child is able to become “potty independent”, too.

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