Baby Potty Training- Check Out Japanese Style.

How do they potty train in Japan?

It is so interesting learning about all the different techniques to potty train our children, but what is really interesting is discovering all the different ways cultures from all over the world handle this subject. We saw in my last post how children in Malaysia are potty trained very early compared to the ages most people start potty training here in the United States. As we are discovering, children can learn things much earlier than we believed possible because much of learning depends upon your environment and observation, patience and learning techniques known to parents to teach their children with.

Here in this video from Japan, animation and children’s television watching is used to reinforce and teach children about using the potty . Colorful animated characters, catchy little songs, visual aids and games are incorporated into potty training. Whereas in America, one would not readily see a potty training segment on Sesame Street or an animated video about potty training in the video section of Best Buy, it is used in Japan to reinforce the concepts for potty training success. There is a strong emphasis placed on washing hands afterward. From what I have observed in the adult public bathrooms when I am out at times, some have forgotten this important part of “going to the potty”.


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Here is an English potty training video from Pocket PreSchool. What do you think?

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