When to Potty Train?

Watch this WebMd video about when to potty train by Dr. Brazelton. He proposes that children are concerned with their BM (bowel movement, poop) up until their later ages. When I was a child, I don’t think I wondered where my BM went. I know that definitely by the age of thirteen, “where my BM went” was not the top question on my mind.  What about you?

Cultural Differences for Potty Training

Dr. Brazelton addresses cultural differences in potty training techniques and how they are influenced by differences in cultural lifestyles. According to Dr. Brazelton, how parents potty train depend on their daily contact with their children. Some cultures have constant physical closeness while other cultures are not as present with their children due separation because of industrialized working environments. When do you feel the time is best for children—early potty training before one year of age or later potty training after one year of age? Please leave your thoughts in our comments. Click on the image below to watch Dr. Brazelton’s video interview.

Potty Training 101

Reviewed By: Kathy Empen, July 2012
SOURCES: T.Berry Brazelton, MD Developmental Pediatrician
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